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AquaPure AP-717 Inline Icemaker Filter ap717, ap-717, cfs717
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AquaPure AP-717 Inline Icemaker Filter The AquaPure AP717 works with your icemaker to provide the best filtered ice. This filter will reduce chlorine class III, rust, dirt and other particulates. Also for use with drinking fountains, coffee machines, and drink dispensers. Actual Dimensions: Approximately 8-1/4" x 2-5/16" Micron Rating: 5 nominal Compatible with: Cuno CFS717, part # 55602-01Also compatible with: ED-17-TL, ED17TL, WHCF-IMTO, WHCF-IMTOL, WHKF-IMTO, WHKF-IMTOL Other Filter Specs:...

Aqua-Pure Water Filter AP217 2-Pack
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HF20-S 3M Aqua-Pure Replacement Cartridge for Model ICE120-S
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3M Aqua-Pure HF20-S Replacement Cartridge Aqua-Pure HF20S (part # 56151-03) replacement cartridge fits Aqua-Pure ICE120-S water filtration system (part # 56160-03).Reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, cyst, and scale. Sanitary quick change housing design minimizes contamination of filter media during filter cartridge change-out. Actual Dimensions: Approximately 13-7/8" L x 3" Dia.Micron Rating: .5 micronFlow Rate: 1.5 gpm Fits Models: Cuno ICE120-S water filtration systemDesigned for ice...

Aqua-Pure Commercial Single-Cartridge Water System # ICE120-S
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3M Aqua-PUre ICE120-S Filtration System 3M / Aqua-Pure Water Filtration Products Models ICE120-S (part # 56160-03) single cartridge water filtration systems help provide consistent high quality water for commercial ice by reducing the effects of sediment and chlorine taste and odor at flow rates up to 1.5 gpm. Built-in scale inhibition reduces the ability of calcium and magnesium to precipitate on the evaporator plates as hard scale.ICE120-S combines cyst, sediment and chlorine taste and odor...

Aqua Pure AP510 Water Filter System
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Aqua-Pure AP10 The AquaPure AP-510 water filter is a 5 micron filtration system that's effective on sediment, taste, and odor. Triple-Action filtration and treatment system has a built-in automatic "Shut-off Valve" and a proprietary scale and corrosion inhibition system. Specially formulated high absorption activated carbon media. Specifications:3/8 Npt.1.3 GPM Flow RateTreats up to 3,500 gallons.5 microns Filter Replacements: CFS517, AP517 Key Feature: Built-in automatic "Shut-off Valve"No...