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1 Inch Custom Sized Aluminum Mesh Filters
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: CM1 -

Since September, 2000, has been the reliable source for custom and odd sized aluminum air filters. You can order in practically any size, up to 36" x 60"! To calculate the correct size of your odd size filter, multiply the height by the width of your filter to determine the total square inches needed, and use the total square inches to determine which size to order. State exact dimensions (not size printed on the filter) when ordering. If you have an existing filter, measure...

Custom Sized Aluminum Mesh Filters - 3/32" to 1/2" Frames
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: SA -

These all aluminum filters are custom made to your specific size. We can fabricate almost any size aluminum filter up to 1,199 sq in in several thicknesses. These are Custom size air filters that are built to your exact size specifications. As a result, these filters may not be returned for refund or credit. Please MEASURE your current air filter in order to get the exact dimensions.