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Honeywell 32000146-001 Humidifier Filter; Skuttle A04-1725-034
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Skuttle A04-1725-034 / Honeywell 32000146-001 Humidifier Filter Made by Skuttle, this humidifier filter is a direct replacement for Honeywell # 32000146-001. Honeywell has discontinued supplying this filter. Used in Skuttle models 90, 109, 190 H100 and Honeywell models HE120A and HE120B. Dimensions: Approximately 8" x 24" x 7/8", formed into a drum-style filter pad Used in Models: Honeywell: HE120A, HE120B General Filters: 81 Lobb: WA-1 and AD-1 Lau: Vapor Air 18, VA18 Used in Models: Skuttle:...

Skuttle A04-1725-052 Humidifier Filter
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Skuttle A04-1725-052 Humidifier Evaporator Pad Secure, online ordering, and to-your-door-delivery - save yourself time and money when you buy this genuine Skuttle humidifier evaporator pad A04-1725-052 from Wick included. Save when you by two or more filters. Actual Dimensions:Approximately 11-1/2" x 9-3/4" x 1" Used in Skuttle Models20002100 Recommended Replacement: Once each season (every 3 - 4 months) Emerson / White Rodgers Models: HFT-2100 Goodman / Amana Models:...

Skuttle Humidifier Filter A04-1725-033
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Skuttle A04-1725-033 This is a genuine Skuttle humidifier evaporator pad. Used on Skuttle model 45. Description: Humidifier drum filter pad Used in Models: Humidimatic: 48, 2000 Used in Models: Skuttle: 45, 45SH Hamilton: 2D Used in Models: Herrmidifier (Trion): 447 Montgomery Wards: 58516, 58517 Prices include shipping! (Regular ground shipping; within the U.S. only.) ...

Skuttle Humidifier Pad # 000-1317-091
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Genuine Skuttle replacement wick (not main wick) can also be used in Emerson / White-Rodgers models.

Skuttle Humidifier Pad # A04-1725-045 with wick
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Skuttle Humidifier Pad # A04-1725-050
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Skuttle Humidifier Pad # A04-1725-050 This genuine Skuttle replacement humidifier filter pad # A04-1725-050 also fits the Lasko, Wait, and General Filters models listed below. Also know as a drum-style pad, or humidifier drum belt. Replaces A04-1725-039 and A03-1725-039. Clips included. Dimensions: Approximately 9" x 26" x 7/8", formed into a belt configuration Fits Skuttle Models: 85, 86, and 86-UD Wait Models: 90S, Pro-100 and 900 Recommended Replacement: Once each season; more often in hard...

Skuttle Humidifier Pad # A04-1725-051
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Skuttle Humidifier Pad # A04-1725-051 Genuine Skuttle replacement humidifier filter # A04-1725-051 can also be used in the Emerson / White-Rodgers and Goodman models below. Wick included. Dimensions: Approximately 9-7/8" x 16-5/8" x 1-5/8" Wick included. Fits Skuttle Models: 2001, and 2002 Fits Goodman Models: HUM-LFTBP and HUM-FP(subs for # HUM-1725051) Fits Emerson / White-Rodgers Models: HFT2700 and HFT2900FP ...

# A35 Humidifier Filter Pad Honeywell, Enviracaire, Aprilaire, humidifier, filter, replacement
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Save a chunk of change when you buy this affordable humidifier filter pad! Compatible with all the brand models listed here. Features the same Agion anti-microbial coating. Recommended Replacement: Once each season; more often in hard water areas.