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Honeywell Compatible Dustlock II Pre-Filter; Pack of 12
Secure, online ordering, and to-your-door-delivery - it's a snap to order these Honeywell compatible Dustlock II pre-filters.

The filter is constructed of blue and white poly tackified media, and provides better dust trapping than standard fiberglass filters.
Actual Dimensions:

Approximately 21-3/4" x 21-3/4" x 3/4"

Package Options: 12-pack

Recommended Replacement: Every 30 days
(under normal operating conditions)
Used in Models:

F111A1063, F111A1253, F111B1070
F111C1012, F111C10387, F111C1053
F111P1091, F111Z1081

Hepa and CPZ Options:

50004739 95% Ashrae Filter
32000203-001 95% DOP Filter
32004078-001 CPZ Cartridge

See list below.
Pre-Filter Options: Honeywell compatible 32002307 pre-filter
See list below.
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