• Compatible with Trion Air Bear Cub # 259112-101, 255649-101 , 229990-101, 229990-001
  • Our Part # AB-101-AM
  • 16x25x3
  • Actual Dimensions: 15-3/4" x 24-1/4" x 3"
  • MERV 8, 11, 13, and OdorBan
  • Priced individually; sold in multiples of 3

Item # Description/Size Availability Price Ea. Quantity
Trion Air Bear Cub-compatible
16x25x3; MERV 8
In Stock $25.00
Trion Air Bear Cub-compatible
16x25x3; MERV 11
In Stock $27.00
Trion Air Bear Cub-compatible
16x25x3; MERV 13
In Stock $30.00
Trion Air Bear Cub-compatible
16x25x3; OdorBan
In Stock $37.00


Why pay more than you have to?? Ok, so these are not genuine Trion Air Bear. These replacement air and furnace filter are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original filter performance!

Available in MERV 8, 11, and 13, plus an Odor Ban option. Filters with the OdorBan option are designed to remove fumes, odors and pollutants in the air, and have an estimated MERV 8 rating. OdorBan filters do not have a designated MERV rating.

Has foam gasketing that prevents air bypass.

Best of all, you can keep more of your money in your pocket!

Actual Dimensions

Actual Dimensions:

Height: 15-3/4"

Width: 24-1/4"

Depth: 3"

Nominal Dimensions:

Height: 16"

Width: 25"

Depth: 3"

Fits These Models

Trion Air Bear Models: 455602-425, 455602-925, 455602-0425, 455602-427, 455602-927, 259859-001, 259859-002

Lennox: BMAC-12C

Subs for These Part Numbers:

Trion 259112-101, 255649-101, 266649-101, 229990-101, 229990-001, 248713-101
Lennox X0581
Ultravation 91-007
Accumulair DPFR16x25x3, DPFR16x25x3M11, DPFR16x25x3M13, DPFR16x25x3OB
Glasfloss ABP16253
AirGuard AB503

Other Specs

Recommended Replacement: Every 6 months

Other Stock Numbers: DAB11.0316253P, DAB13.0316253P, DAB8.0316253P

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